At Social Change Headquarters our mission is to bring the social enterprise sector to scale in South Australia. We bring the complex networks of individuals, companies, organisations and governments together and foster innovation and partnerships to create positive social impact.



We will provide customised learning, connections and mentoring for individuals interested or working within social enterprise. We will be an intermediary for individuals wanting to connect with corporates, governments and universities to collectively improve social impact through business enterprise. 



We will support and accelerate organisations that have demonstrated their impact through provision of mentoring by industry experts, workshop series, access to networks and funding opportunities to help deliver positive social impact and employment pathways for vulnerable South Australians.



We will advocate and advise on policy change in South Australia and improve the procurement of goods and services from Social Enterprises within Government. We will provide research data to government to highlight the economic and social value from working with social enterprises.

Our vision is to build a connected and thriving social economy for South Australia. We will:

social-hq-laurel 001.jpeg
  • Foster new, emerging and established social enterprises

  • Develop pathways to scale

  • Create and apply levers to bring scale for good

  • Refer and match to learning and accreditation opportunities

  • Bring the worlds leading SE and Social entrepreneurs to SA to leverage and mentor

  • Foster research

  • Scale social impact through developing the social economy